The Church City Mission

Our organisation

The Church City Mission is an open and inclusive organisation and our work is amongst and with people who in different ways struggle with their everyday life.

We are one of the largest humanitarian faith-based organisations in Norway, with 2000 employees and 4000 volounteers nationwide. These are connected to our 45 different activities, projects and institutions.

Whilst our head office is situated in Oslo we are present in 24 major cities in Norway through our 12 independent foundations.

Our values

We believe that no one is only what you see. We want the people who we encounter through our work to experience respect, justice and care regardless of their religious or cultural background, sexual orientation, circumstances or values.

We want to create a dialogue between people who view life differently and to create tolerance, progress and room for everyone.

Join us

As a volunteer in The Church City Mission you can contribute within a variety of projects and responsibilities.
We need you whether you would like to use a lot of time or only a few hours, or whether you would like to use your professional qualifications or learn something new.

Volunteer work offers experiences that can change our perception of our fellow humans -and ourselves! 

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